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John Watson Matriculation Card
John Watson Matriculation Card

John Watson was born in Glasgow on the 2nd of December 1857, and was the son of James Watson - a weaver.

John joined the University in 1879, at the age of 21. In his first year he studied Greek, Latin and Mathematics, followed in his second with classes in Logic, Mathematics and Greek. In his third year he studied Latin and Greek, then Ethics and English Literature in his fourth. Unusually, he then undertook a further two years of University, studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics - the latter of which was taught by Lord Kelvin.

John went on to study Divinity at Trinity College in 1885. He then moved to Australia, and worked as a minister in Queensland. It is rumoured that Lord Kelvin gave him a farewell party on the lawns of the University before his departure.


John Watson
Born 2 December 1857.
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Occupation categories: clergymen
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