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Biography of Anstruther Abercrombie Lawson

Anstruther Abercrombie Lawson graduated DSc from the University in 1910. He born on 18 September 1870 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was the fourth son of sailor and shipyard worker William Lawson and Janet Kerr, who were both natives of Fife.

Lawson studied at the University of Toronto for a year, before graduating BSc and MSc from the University of California, Berkeley. After a year as assistant in Botany, Lawson spent 1901 at the University of Chicago with Professors John Merle Coulter and Charles Joseph Chamberlain in the new Hull laboratories and was awarded a PhD in 1901.

Aged 33, Anstruther came to the University of Glasgow where he was appointed as a lecturer in Botany and carried out research, which was published in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1911-12. In 1910, Lawson was awarded a DSc for papers on the special morphology of the Coniferales.

After his time at Glasgow, Lawson was appointed the foundation Professor of Botany at the University of Sydney in 1912.

Lawson was elected fellow of the Linnean societies of London and New South Wales, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (winning their Makdougall-Brisbane prize for 1916-18) and a member of the Royal Society of New South Wales.

Lawson died on 26 March 1927, aged 55.


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  • DC 183/11/44 Register of Members 1920
  • R8/5/28/4 Matriculation Slip 1907-08 H-L
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Anstruther Abercrombie Lawson
Born 13 September 1870.
Died 26 March 1927.
GU Degree: DSc, 1910; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Graduate, Professor, Student
Occupation categories: botanists; professors
English snippet: Foundation Professor of Botany at the University of Sydney
Record last updated: 19th Dec 2013

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Canada Canada, Ontario, Hamilton
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Australia Australia, Sydney
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Scotland Scotland, Glasgow, Glasgow

United States United States, California

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