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Nathan Smith MBChB 1927
Nathan Smith MBChB 1927

Nathan Smith Malimson graduated MBChB from the University in 1927.

Born in 1904 in Vilnius, Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire, Smith was an émigré to the United Kingdom during the pogrom uprising in the region. His family settled in Glasgow, where his father Phillip worked as a wood carver.

In 1922, Smith enrolled at the University of Glasgow to study Medicine. During the five years of study he was awarded many prizes, and graduated with distinction in 1927.

Around 1928, Smith changed his name to Nathan Smith Malimson, and worked as an assistant of general practitioner in Wales and England. In 1934 he obtained British citizenship, and continued with his medical studies, gaining a DPH in 1935 and LLB in 1941.

It was in Salford that Malimson served as an active and dedicated member of medical practitioners’ community, having been appointed Chairman of Salford Local Medical Committee and Salford's representative on the General Medical Services Committee for 10 years.

Malimson served as a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the second World War, and was noted for his work to stem an outbreak of cholera in India. After the War, he took a leading role in initiating an anti-fascism committee in Manchester.

Malimson died at the age 81 on 1 November 1987.


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Archival Materials

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Nathan Smith Malimson
Born 1 September 1904.
Died 1 November 1987.
GU Degree: MBChB, 1927; Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: physicians
English snippet: Medical Graduate of the University of Glasgow, Chairman of Salford Local Medical Committee
Record last updated: 23rd Jul 2013

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