Toshinobu Suda

Biography of Toshinobu Suda

Toshinobu Suda was born in Miyazaki Prefecture, son of a farmer. He entered Kobu Daigakko (the Imperial College of Engineering), the predecessor of Faculty of Technology at the University of Tokyo, from where he graduated in 1881. Bunji Mano was his classmate during this time.

Suda initially worked as a government officer in the Ministry of Engineering and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, before moving to Nihon Yusen Kaisha, one of the leading shipping companies in Japan.

In 1887, Suda came to the UK to place orders for vessels. While he oversaw the ship building at the shipyards in Glasgow, he studied Naval Architecture at evening classes at the University of Glasgow.

In 1915, Suda was appointed vice-president of Nihon Yusen. From 1910, in the context of Japan’s growing desire to expand its Imperial Navy after the victory of the Russo-Japanese War, Suda was one of the leading figures in promoting the establishment of the Japanese Navy League and the Dai Nihon Kokubo Gikai (Japan Association for National Defence 大-本国防義会), founded in 1917. He passed away in 1925, aged 70.


Toshinobu Suda
Born 6 March 1856.
Died 25 May 1925.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1888 ;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers; executive officer
English snippet: Engineering student at the University of Glasgow, a prominent vice president of Nihon Yusen Kaisha
Record last updated: 13th May 2013

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