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The first graduate of the Naval Engineering College, Enju Odagiri came to the University of Glasgow in 1896. In the first year he studied Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics and Naval Architecture, and the second year Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. He was awarded a third class certificate in Physics and second class in Applied Higher Mathematics. He had also attended evening classes in Construction at the University of Strathclyde over two years.

In May 1899, he sent a report back to Japan about radiotelegraphy as invented by Italian engineer Marconi. Odagiri’s report came one month earlier than that of Saneyuki Akiyama, led the great victory in Battle of Tsushima at Russo-Japan War in 1905, which is said to have started the development of Japanese radiotelegraphy.

After he returned to Japan, Odagiri was appointed Colonel of the Naval Engineering Department. Around 1928, he went to work for Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation, and became a factory manager and an executive of the corporation until 1935.


Other Online Resources

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Printed Materials

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Archival Materials

  • R8/5/18/7 Matoriculation slips
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Enju Odagiri
Born 1875.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1897-99;
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