Terugoro Fujii

Biography of Terugoro Fujii

Terugoro Fujii enrolled at the University of Glasgow in 1896 to study Engineering. Born in Hyogo Prefecture, son of Yoshimoto Fujii, a state officer of Fukumoto Domain, Fujii entered the Naval Engineering College in 1883. Upon graduation, he was appointed Lieutenant of the Naval Engineering Department.

Fujii held a variety naval engineering posts before he was dispatched to France as an officer charged with bringing out the ship Itsukushima.

From 1896 to 98, Fujii attended the University of Glasgow and studied Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Engineering and Physics. In session 1897/1898, he obtained a fifth class certificate in Engineering.

In 1900, Fujii returned to Japan and was appointed lecturer of the Naval Academy. He progressed through the ranks from chief engineer of Kure Arsenal and of Yokosuka Arsenal, and became Rear Admiral of the Naval Engineering Department in 1910. He was also dispatched to Britain twice for visitation of shipyards as a supervisor.

Fujii was discharged from the Imperial Navy due to his involvement in the Siemens Scandal of 1914, one of the biggest corruption affairs in Meiji and Taisho periods of Japanese politics.


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Terugoro Fujii
Born 23 July 1867.
Died 17 July 1947.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1896-98;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers; military
English snippet: Engineering student at the University of Glasgow
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