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Biography of Ernst Honigmann

Ernst Honigmann graduated from the University with an MA in 1948 and later a DLitt in 1966.

His DLitt thesis, '11 Publications on Shakespeare', can be found at the University Library.

Ernst moved up to the University from Hillhead High School and after his MA in English from Glasgow, he attained a BLitt, studying the chronology of Shakespeare's plays, from Oxford in 1950.

Once he accomplished his DLitt, he became lecturer in English at the University of Glasgow before becoming Professor of English Literature at Newcastle University. He was also a founding Fellow of the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-Upon-Avon. He was elected to the Fellowship of the British Academy in 1989.

Ernst first came to Britain with his family in 1935, aged 7,as a refugee from Nazi Germany. He was born in Wroclaw, Poland (then Breslau, Germany).

You can view a list of his publications, that can be found in the University Library, here.

There are also manuscript items in Special Collections, relating to Ernst Honigmann, that you can view in the catalogue here.


Ernst Honigmann
Born 29 November 1927, Breslau, Germany.
Died 18 July 2011.
GU Degrees: MA, 1948; 1944-1948; D Litt, 1966; 1954-1967;
University Link: Graduate, Lecturer
Occupation categories: Shakespeareans
English snippet: A graduate of the University who was lecturer of English at Glasgow. He became professor of English Literature at Newcastle University and was a founding Fellow of the Shakespeare Institute.
Record last updated: 20th Jun 2013

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