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Biography of Alfred Jakub Igel

Alfred Jakub Igel graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1942 with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He came from Lwów, Poland, (what is now Lviv, Ukraine) and his father, Salomon, was a headmaster of a secondary school. Igel began studying for a Chemistry degree when he first matriculated at the University in 1939, taking Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics classes. He switched to the Engineering programme in his second year, taking classes in Higher Mathematics Drawing, General Engineering, Mechanical Design, Higher Engineering and Technical Dynamics.

After graduating in 1942, Igel worked as a mechanical engineer and later became a Company Director in London.


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Archival Materials

  • DC 183/11/87 General Council Register 1962
  • R8/5/60/5 Matriculation Slips 1939-1940, Men I-L
  • R8/5/61/5 Matriculation Slips 1940-1941, Men I-L
  • R8/5/62/5 Matriculation Slips 1941-1942, Men I-L


Alfred Jakub Igel
Born 19 July 1920.
Died 25 August 1975.
GU Degree: BSc, 1942; Science and Engineering,
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
Occupation categories: engineers, mechanical
English snippet: Engineering graduate of the University of Glasgow
Record last updated: 19th Dec 2012

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Ukraine Ukraine, Lviv, Lviv
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England England, London
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Poland Poland, No Region

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