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Constantin Chirovici matriculation slip 1919-20
Constantin Chirovici matriculation slip 1919-20

Constantin Chirovici was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1898, son of Niculae Chirovici, who served in the military. Chirovici matriculated at the University in 1919, aged 21, to study for a degree in Naval Architecture under Sir John Harvard Biles. He attended classes in Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Naval Architecture with Marine Engineering. In spite of having completed the coursework for a BSc in 1922, Chirovici was unable to take the examinations as he had to return home due to the slump in the Romanian exchange rate.

In Romania, Chirovici worked as a Liaison Officer to the British Military Mission in Bucharest from 1944 until 1947, when he was tried by the Communists on suspicion of being a British Spy and condemned to 10 years of hard labor. During this time, all his belongings, papers and documents were confiscated.

After his sentence, Chirovici left for Canada on 5 December 1959, where he found employment with Power Corporation Designers and Consultants Limited, in Montreal. In 1962, he moved to C.D. Howe Company Limited; Clarence Decatur Howe became the Minster for Transport in Canada, and founder of Air Canada.

On 30 September 1962, Chirovici contacted the University asking for a record of the courses he had taken to permit him to enter further study and obtain membership to the Association of Professional Engineers, to which the University responded with a certifying letter on 6 September 1963.


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Constantin Chirovici
Born 1898.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1919-1922;
University Link: Student
Occupation categories: engineers
English snippet: Constantin Chirovici, mechanical design engineer for C D Howe Limited, Canada
Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan snippet: Student la Glasgow University, spion britanic (în vizinunea comuniştilor din România), inginer mecanic pentru C.D. Howe Limited, Canada
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