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Attilano Chrysostomo d’Oliveira, Matriculation 1902-03
Attilano Chrysostomo d’Oliveira, Matriculation 1902-03

Attilano Chrysostomo d’Oliveira was born in Campos, Rio de Janeiro, son of Luis Chrysostomo, an engineer. He enrolled in the Faculty of Science in 1902, aged 22, attending classes in Chemistry, Engineering (1902-03), Steam Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Drawing (1903-04).

Attilano became the co-owner with his brother, Raphael Chrysostomo d'Oliveira, of one of the most important companies of Campos, R. Chrysostomo & Irmão, importing and selling heavy machinery (motors, agricultural machinery) throughout the Republic.


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  • R8/5/23/6 Matriculation Slips 1902-03, Men M - Q
  • R8/5/24/6 Matriculation Slips 1903-04, Men M - Q


Attilano Chrysostomo d’Oliveira
Born 1880, Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1902-04;
University Link: Student
Record last updated: 26th Mar 2013

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