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Biography of Hamilton William Dyke

Hamilton William Dyke graduated MB ChB from the University of Glasgow in 1905, the same year as his brother Eric John Dyke.

He was born at Morija, Basutoland, modern day Lesotho, son of Reverend R Henry Dyke, a missionary and principal of the Morija Training College.

Upon graduation Dyke returned to practise in Basutoland, returning again to Scotland in 1910 to undertake postgraduate study. There he also married Elizabeth Russell Gray, and they both returned to Africa where he joined the Basutoland Medical Service.

Dyke joined the RAMC at the outbreak of WWI, and served overseas with the 11th Hussars and later with the Basutoland Contingent. After the war he was appointed surgeon-specialist to the Palestine Government and was stationed at Jerusalem from 1927-29.

Returning to Africa, Dyke was principal medical officer at Bechuanaland, modern day Botswana, before being appointed Director of Medical Services at Basutoland (Lesotho).

He was made CBE in 1935 and served as chairman of the Lichtenburg and Bastuoland Divisions of the British Medical Association.

Dyke died at East London, South Africa on 10 Sept 1961, aged 80.


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Hamilton William Dyke
Born 29 August 1881.
Died 10 September 1961.
GU Degree: MB ChB, 1905; Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences,
University Link: Graduate
Occupation categories: physicians; surgeons
Additional Information: R3/1/1 (vol 2)
English snippet: Medical graduate of the University of Glasgow in 1905, member of prominent missionary family of Lesotho
Record last updated: 7th Nov 2013

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