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William Mure of Caldwell (1718-1775)
William Mure of Caldwell (1718-1775)

William Mure of Caldwell (1718-1775) was Rector of the University from 1764 to 1767.

After the death of his father in 1722, Mure was raised by his mother and a tutor William Leechman who was to become Professor of Divinity at the University. He studied Law at the Universities of Edinburgh and Leiden and became an MP in 1742. He was appointed a Baron of the Scottish Exchequer in 1761, the year in which he was influential in the appointment of his former tutor Leechman to the office of Principal.

Mure was a close friend of the philosopher David Hume and the politician John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute. He was an improving landowner, and in 1773 commissioned Robert Adam to design a new home for his family. His son, also William, was Rector of the University from 1793 to 1795.


William Mure of Caldwell
Politician and Author

Born December 1718, Scotland.
Died 25 March 1776.
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Occupation categories: politicians
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