Label for Adamson, Gilfillan & Co. Malaysia Singapore

Label for Adamson, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd
Label for Adamson, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd

Custodian: University of Glasgow Archive Services

Reference: UGD013/7/4 label 2889

Colourful labels identified bales of cloth treated by Dunbartonshire firm United Turkey Red Ltd and destined for distribution in south-east Asia. This label, showing a frog carrying a mouse on its back balanced on top of a fungus with the aid of a reed, was designed for Adamson, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd.

Adamson, Gilfillan & Co. Ltd was incorporated in London in 1904 the result of the merger of two existing firms, Gilfillan Wood & Co. of Singapore and Adamson Gilfillan & Co. of London. By 1935 the firm had amalgamated with others to become Harper Gilfillan & Co. Ltd, and today (2013) is a part of the global DKSH group.

United Turkey Red Co. Ltd, bleachers, finishers and dyers of Alexandria, was formed in 1898 through the amalgamation of John Orr Ewing & Co., Archibald Orr Ewing and William Stirling & Sons. The firm specialised in Turkey-red dyeing and exported cloth around the world, in particular to India.